Welcome to the Region of Waterloo's HIFIS Training!

Thank you for learning HIFIS with us!

Gaining Access to a Course

If you need to register for a course, click on the Register link on the left side of the screen. If you've been issued a coupon code, that's where you should go to enter it. You'll need to go through a checkout screen and enter your contact information.

Supervisor or manager? You can also use the Register page to purchase training for your staff, or register them with a coupon code you've been issued.

If you've just registered yourself or someone else in a course, the student will first need to login in order to access their content. Check your email for instructions (if you registered someone else, tell them to check their email).

Access Simplero Course - Waterloo

Taking a Course

Once you're logged in, you can access your content on the left hand navigation panel.

Use the Learn link to access all of your courses, or click on the arrow to expand the menu and see courses individually. Then you can navigate directly to the course you want to take right now.

HIFIS training for Waterloo Region is comprised of multiple different modules which are self-directed and you can complete at your own speed. Different staff in Waterloo Region receive different training based on their role, in other words, where they work and what they do there.

Please complete the Getting Started course first as it includes the important fundamentals that all staff need to know!

Navigate Simplero Academy - Waterloo

Completing Your Training

At the conclusion of each course, a certificate will be issued. Certificates will be emailed to you and also available for download from your account. You will need to provide this certificate to the Region of Waterloo as proof that you have completed this training, at which point a HIFIS 4 user account will be created for you, and you can start using it for your work.

At any time, you can access your purchases, receipts, certificates, and more from your account, which you can access at the bottom left of the screen if you're logged in.